Kurkova has been abused: “He pretended that nothing happened!”

Куркова подверглась домогательствам: «Он сделал вид, что ничего не произошло!»
The actress admitted that was in the film.

Куркова подверглась домогательствам: «Он сделал вид, что ничего не произошло!»

Ravshana Kurkova


Ravshana Kurkova joined the discussion on the topic of harassment, which is already a few months did not subside in connection with the Hollywood scandal. The actress confessed she was once filming in a difficult situation which could have ended quite differently if not for her strength of character.

Of course, he did not name the man, afford to give her a special “attentions”. Only confidence and courage helped her to avoid serious consequences. “Faced once with a similar attitude – and very clearly, clearly, firmly made it clear that I think this behavior is maximally unethical, unacceptable. In any sense – neither in professional nor in the human. And luckily, despite the fact that it happened during the shooting period, the person pretended that nothing happened, and we went quietly free picture. Neither before nor after me, thank God, is not faced with a similar attitude to yourself!” — said Ravshan.

However, Kurkova understands that not everyone is able to rebuff the power of man, which determines your future, what can become objects of violent action. “This is a terrible story. Anyone who encountered this and could not cope, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I think it is very important not to get lost. But I understand that there are different situations, different psychological factors — it is difficult to confront the man who physically and mentally stronger, which can pressure and manipulate. Not all can gather strength and fight back this evil!” Harassment is sometimes very rude, can encounter people of completely different professions, I’m sure Ravshan. So it was personally very pleased that the scandal with the producer Harvey Weinstein received such wide publicity.

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“Overall, I think this problem is wider than just the situation in the film. This can happen at any time with a man any profession, any gender. I therefore hope that the situation with the notorious Vanstaen a little chastened people who, in principle, such things are considered acceptable. Let these examples serve as a lesson to them!” — told Kurkova portal The Question.