Курбан Омаров заявил, что не общается с Бородиной

The husband of the famous TV presenter “House-2” gave to understand that the rumors of divorce are true.

Recently there were rumors that the TV reality show the TV host is single again. She stopped to lay out a joint photo with her husband and with the help of Instagram caught him cheating. Like it or not, is unknown. But the couple did not even celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Until recently it was not known whether Xenia and Eid to maintain some communication, but at the weekend the 35-year-old businessman admitted that it did not support relationship with his wife.

Recently, Borodina together with her daughters went on vacation to Turkey. Kurban learned that her daughter is a country in the grip of revolution, from his friends, who spoke about the terrible events. Even in light of such circumstances Kurban didn’t call the mother of your child, and tried to contact the nurse, explaining that with the Xenia it does not support any relationship.

“We don’t communicate, so I didn’t know about her plans to go on holiday to Turkey. For her life in social networks I don’t watch. They called me last night friends and informed about what is happening there and what is there now is my daughter. I immediately contacted my partner in Antalya and stayed in touch with him until morning. He told me that the resorts of Turkey, all is quiet and calm, the excitement was only in the big cities. I couldn’t find a place from anxiety, not sleeping till morning. Tried to call the nurse Teona, but she was unavailable. On text messages received no response,” – said Kurban Omarov.

Eid noted that, no matter what, he will always be a support for their children.

“Now a huge wave of negativity in my direction. Someone wants people to think badly of me, but I never wanted to hurt. I love my children and will support them always,” – shared Eid with life.ru.

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