Kurban Omarov proposed to his Lera But this is not certain yet.

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/d287e467f3811a22489cfeab82ddd39e.jpg" alt="Kurban Omarov proposed to his Lera" /> On March 8, 2023, photographs of Kurban Omarov standing on one knee circulated the network in front of his beloved Lera.

Kurban Omarov proposed to his Lera

Many fans took this as a marriage proposal, but Kurban himself subsequently denied this information, saying that it was just a bad shot. Kurban never explained to the boys what he finally did

Kurban Omarov proposed to his Lera

Almost a year later, Kurban proposed to Lera again, this time in a more formal setting. In his address to his beloved, he admitted that now that she knows him for real, he asks if she is ready to share life with him in sorrow and joy. It must be assumed that this time Lera agreed. The main thing is that Kurban does not change his mind again later.

Kurban Omarov proposed to his Lera

As for the wedding, according to rumors, Omarov does not want to organize any magnificent ceremonies. He may not need this, he has already been married twice, but his young Lera would probably want something unusual. But, here, let there be at least some kind of wedding, rather than no wedding at all.

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