Kuletskaya showed perfect figure after giving birth

Кулецкая показала идеальную фигуру после родов

34-year-old mother four months after birth led her figure in amazing shape!

May 15 this year, Elena became a first time mom. “At 39.6 weeks 15.05.2016 in KG “Lapine” was the birth of our daughter Romanovskaya Nika Stanislavovna growth 55 cm, weight 3850″, immediately shared with your followers news.

34-year-old model along with his family went on vacation to Cyprus for little Nicky’s first trip.

From the Sunny Cyprus Elena is sharing with fans photos: a photo where the young mother posing in bikini and mini-shorts, the fans appreciated and praised Kuletskoy. Still, four months after the birth of a child every mother will be able to look like that.

Elena does not hide from his followers that the path to the ideal figure is not only from good genetics. The star tried to take the time to not only family, but also the figure.

“Kg has left me in themselves, but the waist beee “happy” +7 cm, and mini pot belly beer lover. Well. Now the volume of 70 cm Away, the race for the waist? Who’s with me? If you don’t count 100,500 UPS, squats, dips, bathing Nicki in the day, here it is, my first postremove exercise! I admit at once that in matters of sport I’m lazy. I’d rather be playing constantly to maintain the normal form, something to unravel, something to drive myself to the gym and to exhaust workouts. I have this: if the 3rd floor, then walk. If rest, then swim to the horizon. And cake hurrah comes in,” he told his secrets Kuletskaya under the video where it turns the Hoop.

Recall that recently the baby nickname for the first time came out together with his star mom at a social event.

Followers in Instagram and in particular, mums Elena gave important tips on traveling with young children.

“Travelers convey greetings from the island of Cyprus. Teleportation of rain in the sun was great, so now our advice for those who are going on a journey with your child: pre-book a taxi with a car seat both at home and on arrival will save a lot of time searching for the right car.

Pre-book side bassinet the airline (but for example, we did not get the quota was already exceeded, and nick was flying at his hands.

Control and framework at the airport to go faster in sneakers (do not remove) without belts and rattling their chains, as always.

To collect in a plane a baby bag. In our 4 months we were cloth, baby soft, spare leathers, diapers, wipes, little toy. It took all nazivin was not needed.

On takeoff and landing. In nick’s first flight with interest studied, looked around, ogling the man on the left, poked the table and crumpled the entire log. The hour flight passed actively.

Then S. met with forces which it has accumulated for two days, and accomplish his great deeds. Apparently, it was her plan to fit clearly in the middle of the flight. Things have nedellis so successful that we pulenuku the plane was tested, and full dressing room. From which he concluded: it is easier to just change pants. I usually prefer jumpsuits: they do not ride up like a blouse. But extra just to change the pants.

The remaining two hours of nick slept in my arms and woke up only on landing, when everyone began to lay the ears (again we have used option #sisao).

Well, now! With a clear conscience and light, we send you Sunny and will a month to spam the ribbon blue sky and the beach”, – told in detail about fees and flight Kuletskaya.