Kudryavtseva on the appointment Zakoshansky: “the First time I hear about the “new” format”

Кудрявцева о назначении Закошанского: «Впервые слышу о «новом» формате» Host of the program explained that any changes to show “Secret” one million is not assumed. There have been rumors that Leonid Zakoshansky will join her for the filming in the near future.

      A few days ago in the Internet appeared the information that the transfer “Talk show”, which airs on NTV, is scheduled to close. According to several sources, people involved in the project, it was necessary to translate to other programs.

      In a Network distributed version of that channel planned to get away from the scandal, therefore, was forced to close “Talk show”, where periodically discussed sensitive topics: plastic stars, illegitimate children and sex scandals. Pierre Narcisse was accused of alcoholism and brutal violence

      As written media, its presenter Leonid Zakoshansky was offered a place in the “million dollar Secret”. He had to join Lera Kudryavtseva. Supposedly the producers wanted to change the format of the show.

      “StarHit” decided to find out whether viewers will see in the Studio now the two leading, so I hooked up with the famous blonde to clarify the details. Kudryavtseva was surprised that talking about the new appointment Zakoshansky.

      “The first time I hear about your “new” format. We have no changes. You told a lie,” Valerie explained to the correspondent “StarHit”.

      According to Kudryavtseva, no change in the show is not expected. “The secret to a million” began to be aired in 2016 and instantly gained recognition among the viewers. Heroes of the program was Elena Proklova, Yegor Konchalovsky, Marina Anisina, Vladimir Epifantsev, Hope Granovskaya, Elena Biryukova, and many other representatives from the world of show business.

      Lera Kudryavtseva is a lot to communicate with celebrities, so they are not afraid to share with her their secrets because they know that a woman will support a kind word. The TV presenter may not be able to restrain his emotions and crying during the conversation. According to the most popular blondes, listening to the tragic stories of colleagues, it is difficult to remain indifferent. Kudryavtsev claims that on the transmission there are people who trust her. If the hero of a release will not be allowed to show the TV audience some moments, they definitely wouldn’t be included in the broadcast.