Kudryavtseva has revealed the truth about the paternity of Andrey Gubin

Кудрявцева раскрыла правду про отцовство Андрея Губина
The singer learned the results of the DNA test.

Andrey Gubin

Lera Kudryavtseva in the whole country announced the result of the DNA test Andrei Gubin. It happened on the set of the show “the Secret to a million.” The singer, who became a member, finally learned the truth about whether he has a bastard son or not.

Some time ago, a Maxim stated that Gubin is his dad. According to the presumptive heir, when the singer told him mother, a former groupie of Andrew. Allegedly, during a tour at mom’s maxima and the artist held a one-night stand, which was born the “illegitimate son” Gubin. Andrew from the beginning, reacted with disbelief to the situation. And now he has received credible confirmation of his doubts: the test showed that Andrew’s not the father of Maxim.

So, it turns out that 43 years Gubin has not yet acquired offspring. And get married he is in no hurry. In the program he shared with Leroy that his life now had his love, but the relationship with her difficult. “There’s one dancer from Samara, I’m in love with her. But we talk on the phone once a year. But she makes me uncomfortable. When she would behave normally, then begin to live together. A year and a half maybe and get married. Once I took it with me to Thailand, but we lived separately. Every day I came to her, sang songs and played the guitar. And she once said bluntly — marry me! I can’t do this, I need first to know a person. Marriage is a serious matter!” — said Andrew.

The contractor now lives on a modest income from copyright: this is enough for the journey and a simple closet. Prior to this, as the meteoric rise of Andrew went into decline, he managed to give her younger sister an apartment and pay for her overseas training.