Kseniya Sobchak spoke in defense of women

Ксения Собчак высказалась в защиту женщин
Recently in his popular TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak had a great post where she expressed her opinion on sexism.

Ксения Собчак высказалась в защиту женщин

According to Kseniya, she has long been accustomed to critical remarks in the address, but when you start talking about the fact that she is a woman, and her place in the kitchen, it is really annoying.

“On the courts. I was difficult for deducing from itself. I’m used to very diverse criticism for no reason. But then found the new trend is to insult not only on the basis of “horse”,”stupid” and “go back to dom2”, but on the basis of “she’s a woman-even in the kitchen sitting and not go anywhere” – and this is some incredible sexism and chauvinism calling fury,” wrote Sobchak.

Ksenia was able to build quite a successful career, starting in the scandalous TV project “Dom-2”.

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