Kseniya Sobchak spoke about the work on the First channel

Ксения Собчак заговорила о работе на Первом канале TV presenter returns to business as usual after the race. However, Ksenia Sobchak is not going to leave politics. According to star, she came there to stay. Speaking about his plans, she spoke about a conversation with Konstantin Ernst.

According to the results of the presidential race, 36-year-old Ksenia Sobchak took fourth place, having received 1,68% of the votes. The journalist said that does not intend to retire from politics. So she led the Party of change, along with ex-Deputy Dmitry Gudkov. In the nearest plans Sobchak – the support of colleagues who intend to participate in elections of the mayor of Moscow. However, the star is not going to leave other areas of activities in which she likes to do. About Ksenia said in a recent interview.

Sobchak admitted that she constantly reproached work in the entertainment industry, and commercial projects. The star itself does not see a strong contradiction.

“The world is changing and we must accept it. We all remember that Donald trump, Emmanuel macron – the people who came into politics the most incredible ways. Yes, I make money – and do it openly, pay taxes. I will continue to do it and I’m sure I could find a way to combine everything,” shared the celebrity.

The election campaign became Sobchak real test of strength. Xenia had to personally approve every detail, right down to the posters and texts. The star worked with a team of professionals, but even they sometimes could make a mistake.

Currently Ksenia is discussing a return to the glossy magazine, in which she is to participate in the elections held the position of editor-in-chief. Moreover, as it turned out, Sobchak was offered a job on the First channel. Other details the star chose not to share. Apparently, a possible project with the participation of Xenia is still in the negotiation stage. Unknown, will see whether his audience.

“By profession I am a journalist, and I always was good at it. To the election campaigns we discussed with Konstantin Ernst, one project on the First channel, but I don’t know if this is compatible with my political position,” said the star.

During the conversation with journalists the media personality also announced the impending premiere. Very soon – on may 24 – the car will be released film “Sobchak Case”, dedicated to the parent of Xenia. Now in the midst of working on a painting. It is known that in the preparation of the project, the star interviewed the President. “This is a political Thriller about my father, about his relationship with Boris Yeltsin, with Vladimir Putin. This is a brand new format of documentary film,” intrigued by Ksenia in an interview with Hello!.