Kseniya Sobchak spoke about the possible future of Maria Maksakova

Ксения Собчак высказалась о возможном будущем Марии Максаковой Celebrity sure that the diva will not survive in Kiev. To build a life in another country, the artist could only with her husband Denis by Voronenkova. After his death, the widow will probably want home. Sobchak has calculated that about Maria leave a foreign country.

      Ксения Собчак высказалась о возможном будущем Марии Максаковой

      Tragedy Maksakova is not indifferent to her colleagues and friends. Ksenia Sobchak also in side left. On Sunday she confidently wrote that she knows how things will unfold, the script of life, whose name in the last days is on the first lines of news. Most likely, in the near future homecoming will be. Moreover, the widow herself and not thinking. “Promise me I’ll die in your arms” — Maria Maksakova for the first time about the deceased husband

      “Of course, now she’s going through a huge tragedy, but life takes its toll, and after the loss of loved ones sooner or later have to return to reality. Let’s try to understand what it would mean to Maria Maksakova. She went to the Ukraine with her husband and his business, and many loved ones I know it was his decision”, – the journalist wrote.

      However, She is confident that within a month or two, we will again see Maksakova in the capital of our country. And it is thought the TV presenter follows from the previous one. After all, life will take its course and once the woman again want to feel the atmosphere of social life. And in Kiev it is unlikely.

      “Sooner or later she wants to communicate, to tour, to sing, and even, perhaps, to build a personal life that was tragically cut short. Of course, doing this it can not in Kiev, but only in Russia”, – said Sobchak.

      Ксения Собчак высказалась о возможном будущем Марии Максаковой

      Itself Ksenia, by the way, does not act as an adviser, prompting a wise decision. She was sure that any scenario for Maksakova today will be difficult. Maria Maksakova broke the silence after her husband’s death

      On the other hand, to return home, and to stay in Ukraine Opera diva is optional. You can go to the US or Europe. Some friends of a widow think that she will do so. And I want to warn her from the fatal error. Today it became known that the actress and state Duma Deputy Elena Drapeko decided to persuade Mary to come back and to go into exile.

      “I tried to Wave, but she’s not picking up. Wanted to convince to come home. Why would she want with a small child knock on those of Europe? What will she do there alone? Unfortunately, while Masha with me did not work”, – said Elena, Drapenko.

      The widow Maria Maksakova today admitted that does not completely rule out moving to Moscow. However, she’s not sure she can leave in Kiev deceased spouse. Maria Maksakova arrived and fainted. PHOTO. VIDEO

      “I realized that I from it will not go anywhere. This morning was the cemetery. Then there’s all the days ninth, fortieth — as it should be… I know they’re trying to lure me back. But two things: first, I betray the memory of Denis, if it’ll make now… secondly, I think that I cheated,” admitted Maria.

      The article is written on materials of magazines: “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Moskovsky Komsomolets” and “Snob”.