Kseniya Sobchak spoke about the attempted rape

Ксения Собчак заговорила о попытке изнасилования The TV presenter was in a virtually hopeless situation. At the age of fourteen years, the star made a rash act. The fate of Ksenia Sobchak could have been different, if not an accident, and savvy.

      Ксения Собчак заговорила о попытке изнасилования

      Today Ksenia Sobchak is a successful businesswoman and a famous TV presenter. It is difficult to imagine, but in his youth the star was a risky girl.

      Once Xenia this was a situation that could forever change her destiny. But chance and their own ingenuity helped Sobchak to avoid unpleasant consequences. About this incident the presenter told in the book “the New covenants. The most famous people in Russia about their dreams, fears and successes.”

      At the age of fourteen years, the future star of the screen with a friend in search of adventure met with young people who were real criminals. At your own risk the young person got in the car to the guys, but the trip did not promise anything good.

      “The guys brought us to a cocktail in the main hotel for a quick sex in the forests of the Gulf of Finland, entitled “Retur”… Realizing that the smell of fried, we immediately turned to a small, terrified girls and began quickly and nervously to babble something about the fact that we need to go home, parents waiting for… this we were told quickly and clearly, as in “arrow”, and, in General, quite logically: “well, Then, you cocktails with us drinking? Drank. To go further, agreed?.. So any vodka for courage and good in the room or the vodka we drink, and you’re coming with us. But not in a good way,” says Sobchak.

      No matter how hard the girls convince criminals that they are minors and just wanted to make a joke, nothing came of it. Even the words of Xenia that she is the daughter of the mayor of St. Petersburg, have not had success. The men were preparing to carry out their criminal intentions. Then a friend went to the trick. Leaving a Deposit of coats, some dresses they went to the bathroom, where I found the loophole for escape. Sobchak recalls with horror this unpleasant episode of their lives.

      “And then the little window in the bathroom, the sound of frightened heart, one leg on the battery, the second hole, the hand of a friend and a soft plop in the snow. The cold, piercing cold, in the woods in some dresses… Almost frozen girls blocking the road truck, and good-natured trucker who gave us a down jacket one for two to warm. And the traffic police checkpoint and the first voice from the radio: “Found? Well, thank God,” writes the host.