Ксения Стриж о приемном ребенке: «Я не усыновляла Никиту» A few days ago in the network appeared the information that the radio host became a mother. It was said that Xenia decided on a serious step – she took from the Chelyabinsk orphanage 15-year-old Nikita. However, the star has denied this information.
Ксения Стриж о приемном ребенке: «Я не усыновляла Никиту»

Users immediately began to congratulate Ksenia Strizh with the addition to the family, because she’s a few years of happy marriage with her husband Andrew Surikovym, and the total children in pairs. Despite the happy news, a woman is not in a hurry to meet the fans with words of gratitude.

“I was never adopted Nikita. There is a concept of “guest mode”. Explain, about a year ago I met this wonderful boy. The guy loved his openness and individuality. I felt his hard fate, he has no parents, so I wanted to help. We agreed that if he wants to come to the capital, let bravely writes about a meeting! He kept his word. Nikita was visiting me in winter, and now I helped him to enroll in a professional circus school. He finishes 9th grade, wants to become a student of the faculty of music. Unfortunately, this time luck was not on his side. On the third test he failed. But not upset,” said the “StarHit” radio host.
Ксения Стриж о приемном ребенке: «Я не усыновляла Никиту»

According to Xenia, Nikita intends to try their hand next year. The guy wants to be like actor Alexander Oleshko, who also graduated from a similar institution.

“I’m always ready to help Nikita, our big city, – Xenia continues. – If he can do that after class 10, he is required by law to highlight the Dorm. It is very convenient for guys who live far from the capital. After all, learning in the creative University is quite difficult, loaded with disciplines until the evening, and students come home without the hind legs. I think Nikita will definitely meet on the weekend, to visit various museums and events”.

Ksenia Strizh took the child from the orphanage

Nikita went back to Chelyabinsk. However, Kseniya any minute doesn’t stop communication with him.

“We communicate in social networks. I wait for him to visit, and she is pleased to come to him! That was written by the journalists do not take offense. Nikita is also relaxed to such news. Just not all people understand what the adoption of a child, its curation or guest visit”, – says Ksenia.