Ksenia Sobchak with tenderness turned to the heir of the husband

Ксения Собчак с нежностью обратилась к наследнице мужа Pauline Vitorgan noted the 20th anniversary. Ksenia Sobchak was in a hurry to send warm wishes to the young girl. Maxim Vitorgan also addressed his successor a few nice words. Fan was delighted with touching messages of the couple.

      In the family, spouse Ksenia Sobchak Maxim Vitorgan celebrate an important date. His daughter Pauline was 20 years old. Now the girl went to relax and celebrate your birthday in the Maldives, so family and friends congratulate the girl through microblogging. Xenia left a touching message to the daughter of her husband.

      “Congratulations to the wonderful and talented Pauline Vitorgan happy birthday! She is now on the Maldives, in fact, and always want to note in beautiful hotels, with relatives and with a smile!” – posted by TV presenter and published the girls in his Instagram.

      One of the first congratulated the young girl, of course, dad. Maxim Vitorgan was able to pick up very precise words to Express your love and affection to the child.

      “Don’t fall! Just hold on! Twenty years my fear for you the most samasama feeling. The oceans to the feet, clouds in hair, no boundaries and the forces of gravity! Fly, my Princess!” – wrote the actor on Twitter.

      Fans also could not stand aside and congratulated Pauline. They noted that the Vitorgan – a very caring father. “Children modern and smart, and the parents of the young and the wise is happiness!”, “Goosebumps from the words and the tears came.My parents also told me. I wish you happiness!”, “How well said! What the parents feel. Thank you for your words and happy birthday daughter!”, “Perfect compliments! No idea how much you love your children! Congratulations!” – not concealed the words of delight from the Maxim wishes.

      Soon the famous actor will become a father for the third time. Despite the fact that Ksenia for a long time very skeptical about the children, relatives have no doubt that it will perfectly cope with the new role. Ksenia Sobchak no longer hide rounded tummy

      “I’m sure Xenia will be a great mom, completely selfless and correct. She has a good emotional memory. She knows and remembers the negative and positive aspects of my upbringing. And, I hope, will be able to sort and take from me the best,” said Ksenia’s mother Lyudmila Narusova.

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