Ksenia Sobchak was in a temper because of the questions about his son

Ксения Собчак разразилась гневом из-за расспросов о сыне The star said it does not intend to improve the image at the expense of the child. Ksenia Sobchak gave the answer to subscribers, accusing the presenter that do not exist in her microblog posts with stories about the newly born baby. The young mother made it clear she didn’t want to be like other celebrities, gaining their points, showing a photo with the heirs.

      TV presenter and editor of the fashion glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak, became a mom for the first time in mid-November, carefully protect your newly born son from the public gaze.

      Despite the fact that the baby is already a month old, his parents are not in a hurry to tell the fans the name of his heir and for all this time has not published any picture of the child. In the microblog Ksenia Sobchak posts dedicated to my son and motherhood, appear infrequently. Instead, the media personality prefers to show images from social events, for which it desperately criticize detractors who believe that Xenia is obliged to tell only about the joys of parenting child. Ksenia Sobchak is melting from the love for his firstborn

      Sobchak has decided once and for all to stop all questioning and talking about his son. Xenia burst into an angry post, which she published under the Maxim Vitorgan, depicting him during a walk with my son.

      “My dear commissioners for the rights of my child, speaking now to the readers of my blog who never get tired of me writing posts in the style of “what about the baby” and “you’re the mother-cuckoo”. Do you think that it would be hard to fill the tape here so that’s photochemi with walking, Mimino photos of the baby, husband and other home-made sweets, as does the vast majority have given birth to the stars in search of a “better image”? I’m not trying to like you, so your blog about fashion and lifestyle I am sharing only what you think is right. Not looking for your approval or condemnation. And create the image of what are you waiting for, I will not. This is my real life, and I keep away from prying. And anyway, you are so much worried for my son, though one used the money for nanny was sent”, – emotionally commented Ksenia Sobchak.

      Devoted fans of the young mother immediately supported her, once again noticing that she has a brilliant sense of humor. “Good Job, Xenia! Family is sacred and there is nothing all to stare!”, “Everyone has their own life. Imagine how many were touched by the photo of Xenia’s son”, “Love Sobchak for her crazy humor and poignancy” – such comments leave the subscribers Ksenia Sobchak under her post.

      It is worth noting that star is now on maternity leave. Despite all the troubles of a young mother, Sobchak suffers from the fact that sitting at home and can’t work as actively as she used to. Ksenia faint from the lack of numerous Affairs, and therefore gladly sent to different social events to spend in the company of friends at least a few hours. Moreover, she recently participated in the filming of his friend Alexander Molochnikova.