Ksenia Sobchak was discharged with the baby from the hospital

Ксения Собчак выписалась с ребенком из роддома Celebrity went home together with a newborn son. Spouse star went to the hospital to pick up wife. No celebrations on this occasion, the family did not pursue. A young mother tried to leave secretly perinatal center.

      Maxim Vitorgan took home Ksenia Sobchak and their son, who was born on November 18. Apparently, birth in celebs went well, and that is why she did not stay long in the clinic. Probably, the pair has chosen this day for a departure that was not around prying eyes, which was trying to hide a statement from the hospital. Ksenia Sobchak gave her husband a son

      Sunday Sobchak hosted. To her came the children Vitorgan from his first marriage, Daniel and Pauline. They probably wanted to help his father and greet his wife with a long-awaited firstborn. Throughout the three days, the mother Sobchak was Lumila Narusova has not left the walls of the maternity hospital “Mother and Child” in the Moscow suburb of Lapino, trying to provide the daughter every support. During the appearance of the baby born close not depart from Xenia, and her mother even helped her to breathe properly.

      For Ksenia, the birth of a child was an important event. She tried to hide from the public its position for a few months, but soon it was hard to do. The sex of the baby, the parents not until the last reported. Even mom star was not aware of everything that occurred during this period in the life of an heiress. Narusova was happy when I finally became a grandmother.

      After Sobchak son was born, lucky star posted a photo which was written that on November 18 will now be considered the most happy day, because she gave birth to a boy. And before discharge she took a picture of the spouse in the medical gown around her bed. Maxim Vitorgan not depart from his wife and son in the hospital

      As reported life.ru star friends also did not stay aside and expressed his support. To the hospital to Ksenia Anatolievna came to her close friend, Polina Kitsenko and Oksana Lavrentyeva, who are very worried about the condition of a friend and the way she takes the appearance of a baby into the world. Fortunately for many, it was better than expected. Girlfriend could not hide her joy and shared a selfie directly from the hospital.