Ksenia Sobchak was accused of disregard for native son

Ксению Собчак обвинили в наплевательском отношении к родному сыну Subscribers TV presenter Instagram dissatisfied with her post and act. In the photo the heir of Ksenia Sobchak extends to containers containing pills. According to fans of the young women, medicine need to keep out of reach from toddlers.

Ksenia Sobchak, not very often shares photos of son of Plato. That is why every picture involving boy is causing a furor among her fans. However, another post of the presidential candidate suddenly caused a wave of criticism.

The photo shows a small Plato, who puts things in the drawer that the medication. The boy’s face is not visible, but noticeable that it pulls the arm to the containers of pills.

“Restore order”, – signed photo Ksenia.

However, fans of the TV presenter was outraged that the pills in her home is stored in a location that is accessible to the child. According to them, this is extremely dangerous because the baby may accidentally take the medicine and poison. Fans are advised Sobchak to keep an eye on Plato and to attend to the question of its security.

“A child needs toys to play with, not with medicines,” “Xenia, I do not teach you. I’m sorry, but it is better to clean up drugs higher. Health to you and your beautiful boy”, “children’s Nimble fingers very quickly all the jars open. Be careful, young parents”, – shared his opinions of fans Xenia.

The TV presenter and the politician did not comment on the situation. But some fans defended Sobchak, noting that the candidate is a good mother who loves her child. Despite the intense work schedule, the presenter still manages to pay attention to the son.

Earlier, a young woman repeatedly recognized that the appearance of a baby completely changed her life. Sobchak has completely changed the style of dress, began to share touching details of family life. Besides, Sobchak rarely attends social events. She loved a quiet evening in the company of relatives. Xenia dreams that her son was happy and peaceful childhood. Maybe that’s why she’s so reluctant to posting photos of Plato.

The husband Sobchak Maxim Vitorgan support the chosen one. However, a few months ago, he still posted a video with a little Plato. According to fans of the star couple, the boy is very similar to the father, and he will be famous when I grow up.