Ksenia Sobchak told about the favorites of the “New American idol” and the order of the day

Ксения Собчак рассказала о фаворитах «Новой фабрики звезд» и распорядке дня

Leading Ksenia Sobchak is now actively running for President, so her persona is of particular interest to the media. In addition, she leads the TV show “New star factory” and in a recent interview with “StarHit” told about the favorites of the participants. She also told reporters about his daily routine and family.

Ксения Собчак рассказала о фаворитах «Новой фабрики звезд» и распорядке дня

During the work leading to the channel “Muz-TV”, Sobchak has already allocated the favourite in the TV show “New star factory”. Her eye took a fancy to the young singer Zina Kupriyanovich. “I believe,” says Ksenia. “Victor Drobysh as an experienced Pro, a lot of them gives, under his leadership, the guys will do something – at least in terms of their own musical development. Fans they already have: not noticed how the girls are waiting for our young artists at the entrance, ask for autographs. The project initially seemed interesting, plus friends for many years with the channel “Muz-TV”, we do a lot of things. By the way, the final super show “New American idol” will be held on December 22 in “VTB the Ice Palace.” In addition to the 16 contestants who will participate many artists.”

After a long stay on the project, leading the guys and have a real family. According to her, she does not skimp on the Board in style and appearance. Participants become so close that Sobchak even wept when another actor left the project.

Xenia also expressed the view at the expense of the career of Olga Buzova, who recently started singing. “I listen to a little like. Saw one clip, something about half. Well done with the perspective of pop music, quite accurately. If Olga found herself, if she has many hits, why not. As to the conviction, it is passing me by. Everything is always someone to criticize, give a reason.” admitted the leader.

Sobchak told me about his daily routine and how her life changed after the birth of a child. “”New star Factory” I spend 7-8 hours – including make-up, preparing, waiting… In my life now period when you need to clearly outline the logistics of movements, to appoint the maximum number of meetings in one place, be it an office, a cafe or restaurant. This ensures the maximum number of outstanding issues. Many work remotely – Skype, video conferencing. In the car I have a real business office. The more you want to catch, the more time. Of course, since the change of my status worries increased. But they are a welcome and enjoyable! And with the inevitable difficulties we cope. Very helpful, by the way, the probiotic “Bifiform Baby”, normalizing the intestinal microflora of the baby.” he told the host.

The birth of a child in the family has changed the lives of Sobchak. earlier the presenter was a night owl, and now wakes up in the morning without an alarm clock. It did not upset the star, and even happy, because now she can spend the morning with my son. The most important thing for her at the moment is caring for the baby. Moreover, to show the girl of his public girlfriend is not going to, despite the fact that such stars as Maxim Galkin already made my stars social networks.