Ksenia Sobchak surprised by the statement of the Lena river Fly about children with cerebral palsy

Ксению Собчак удивило высказывание Лены Летучей про детей с ДЦП

Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak was extremely outraged by an interview not so long ago gave returned to “Revizorro” Lena Flying.

Leading journalists talked about her husband and his support, about the scandal that recently broke out between her and her ex-stylist. As Volatile spoke on the topic of philanthropy, which noted that the majority considers them vernymi organizations that have the same goal – to make money.

“I like to help address. In the spring I had a master class in Cheboksary, in front of him, the TV channel “Friday!” got in my name a letter from a girl Masha Vonifatiev who wrote that Lena loves Flying. The girl was not very healthy — cerebral palsy, in the hospital dropped. I called the Car the mother came to him before the master class brought the right things. Funds in most cases scammers. But if you are going to help the person address, he will never forget.”

Are unable in this case to remain silent Ksenia Sobchak.

“What muck, this your jellied fish! Cerebral palsy from the fact that “in the hospital dropped”? And funds “in most cases, the scammers”? It seems to me that after all the analysis of the tat and examination of the work of charities is not the same,” wrote Sobchak on his page in Facebook.