Ksenia Sobchak surprised a master class on breastfeeding

Ксения Собчак удивила мастер-классом по грудному вскармливанию Fans admitted that the last thing I was expecting from teledive such councils. Ksenia Sobchak told the young and busy moms how to best preserve breast milk for your baby by sharing a personal experience.

      Little Plato, who recently turned two months, has changed the lives of their parents Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan. It feels and on what was the tone of the microblog TV presenter. Now the posts about the high life and partying, interspersed with publications devoted to the feelings of the young mother and the pleasant ways in which women are immersed with the birth of a child. Ksenia Sobchak showed son

      Recently, the media personality surprised followers by promotion of breastfeeding. Ksenia Sobchak shared with the same busy as she is, moms secrets for saving breast milk, telling me what kind of device she is using. As we know, Ksenia almost immediately after the birth of her son returned to active life, combining work and parenting a toddler. She not only nannies, but also a specially designed gadgets. Sobchak told about a wonderful breast pump that has often been used.

      “My life hack for a normal social life, – has signed a snapshot with the invention for nursing moms Ksenia Sobchak. – Easy to create a Bank of breast milk! No need to pour milk from a bottle in the package – there is a convenient adhesive tape through which a package is attached to the breast pump and pumping occurs directly in the bag”.

      Fans of Ksenia Sobchak reacted to this post by admitting that I least expected from her advice on breastfeeding. Indeed, until recently the star has arranged master classes exclusively on the topic of self-care, showing the contents of cosmetics.

      “How strange to read Xenia about breast pumps”, “Sobchak on transfusion breast milk . Who would have thought,” “she writes about breast pumps…Never would have thought!”, “Oh, my gosh! Sobchak is breastfeeding. Who would have thought!”, “It’s very cool! Milk baby. Well, actually, of course, Ksenia and these tips are very comical,” the discuss master class Sobchak breastfeeding her followers. However, among them there were those who thanked Xenia for your valuable advice.

      It should be noted that in order to spend time with Plato Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan left on new year’s eve in the capital. They did not trust the baby to nannies or even grandparents. Periodically young parents in a joking intonation reported in microblogs that are jealous of your friends who went on vacation in warm countries. But in these confessions and through a little flirting, after all, incredible emotions and sensations experienced by a couple in connection with the appearance of her baby, cannot be compared to anything.