Ksenia Sobchak suggests defeat in the presidential election

Ксения Собчак предполагает поражение на президентских выборах The presenter told British journalists about the political program and explained why he decided on such an important step. According to Xenia Sobchak, she realizes that she will not vote the majority of inhabitants of Russia.

On Wednesday, Ksenia Sobchak has officially announced that it intends to participate in presidential elections. The star reported that does not belong to existing political parties, and considers himself a candidate “Against all”. The statement presenter has provoked a strong discussion. While some people are called to give Sobchak their voices, while others criticized her. News on the nomination of Xenia was interested in abroad — with a celebrity contacted British journalists.

“The woman with the eggs – that’s what the country needs”: the principles of the presidential candidate of Ksenia Sobchak

During the meeting with representatives of the authoritative edition Sobchak said that is aware of its minimal chances of winning. According to the presenter, it does not have a political program. Ksenia explained that he has the proper experience to create it.

“I have no political weight, and I don’t deserve the right to launch any political programme, and generally be a candidate,” said the leader.

In the British media ironically said that the statement of Xenia can be called the most indifferent to politics, launching the campaign.

According to the journalist, she acts as a kind of lightning rod for those who are not satisfied with the other candidates. Sobchak said he believes it’s important to use the opportunity. “It is necessary to consider opinion of everyone,” she explained.

Ksenia Sobchak told about the recent meeting with Vladimir Putin. The presenter asked the President to give her an interview about the relationship with his father. The star is preparing a documentary film about Anatoly Sobchak. After the cameras were off, she was allegedly left alone with Vladimir Putin, claimed in the media. According to the woman, she declared Putin about his plans to participate in the elections. “I think it was right”, — said Kseniya from The Guardian.

Note that not all took seriously the statement Sobchak about the decision to run for President. Last night in the program Ivan Urgant showed a parody of a campaign ad teledive. With this purpose, the known TV presenter tried on a wig and glasses. At the same time, Olga Buzova told about what to think about his nomination when she turns 35. The stars of show business are also actively publish in social networks joint photo with Sobchak, explaining that now they carry a different meaning. Ivan Urgant took a parody campaign video of Ksenia Sobchak