Ksenia Sobchak suffers from boredom in the decree

Ксения Собчак страдает от скуки в декрете The presenter explained to fans that she is interested in at the moment. Ksenia Sobchak had a baby about a week ago, so in the near future can not go out and work because the baby needs the mother’s attention.

      TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who gave birth to first child on October 18, enjoy motherhood. However, judging by its posts in microblog, it is very boring to sit at home around the clock, as the presenter are accustomed to an active lifestyle. However, while she can’t move away from newborn son for long, as it must often coremidi. Star amuses herself, making interesting shots and coming up with a new occupation.

      “What to do with myself when I used to stay home and all their responsibilities done? To insert pictures in frames, arrange the flowers and looking at hands! There are only two, I let them just what to do with an important memory or person. Here the evil eye from a hectic mom, a bracelet from her husband, a red thread from Anya, a blue thread from Pauline Vitorgan,” said Ksenia in the caption to the picture of the wrist, hung with ornaments.

      By the way, Xenia is not planning to linger long in the decree. According to her concert Director Tabriz shakhidi, the host will undertake for several korporativov, but prices for services will increase. “We personally discussed that She will quickly return to work after baby born. From the 10th of December she would be willing to speak at events as an entertainer. I call every day to find out her schedule and make a prepayment for the corporate events. The cost of ordinary days – €25 thousand, and in the new year’s eve rates it above – already €45 thousand. But this year, the chiming clock Ksenia will meet at home with the family,” – said the representative of the stars.

      Sobchak was lucky that her mother Lyudmila Narusova is happy to help her daughter take care of the heir. The woman was near Xenia during the birth, supporting her words. Says Narusova, she was so worried about the daughter seemed as if she went through all this a second time. Lyudmila Narusova shocked birth daughter

      “When the doctor said Ksenia: “push!”, tussled with it when he said, “Breathe deep!”, breathing with her, and when at the last moment She cried, I gave such a cry!” confessed Lyudmila.

      By the way, the star family is what hides the name of the child. Apparently, Maxim and Ksenia are still arguing about how to call the boy. Narusova suggests to her daughter to give the baby the name Anatoly, in honor of her father.