Ksenia Sobchak stood up for cum and put it in place of Anna Khilkevich

Ксения Собчак вступилась за ЦУМ и поставила на место Анну Хилькевич

Anna Khilkevich by his own fault was in a rather embarrassing and awkward situation. The star of “Univer” accused of cum in her sale fake handbags Dolce&Gabbana, after the bag in the first days socks come off the handle.

My thoughts about Anna poured on his page on Instagram, for which she later had to apologize.

It would seem that the conflict is settled. Sides happy. But the journalist Ksenia Sobchak, which is a certain way does not involved in this, decided to Express their point of view on this issue. In his already mentioned social networks Sobchak has published a great post in which protects the cum and puts in place Khilkevich.

“Cum is the undisputed leader in the segment of luxury sales in Russia. Logically,one hundred from the market leaders a lot of enemies:) It’s the only Department store in the country(!!!) that “fashionable”,the logistics of sales and procurement can be compared to Western department stores high-level: HarveyNichols, Saks or Selfridges. And to suspect that here can sell a fake-it’s just a misunderstanding of how things work. Every season buyers making purchases for the season. Commercial models of certain things might be very different from that presented in the collection,and regional differences also exist. In Asia, for example, all the leading luxury brands present models which you will hardly find anywhere else. This applies not only to clothing ,but even makeup. Collection from boutique to boutique depending on the policies of the fashion house,can be very different. So before you publicly Express your fantasies,I advise you to understand the subject:)”, — wrote Sobchak, illustrating the post with a photo taken on the roof of the mentioned shopping centre.