Ксения Собчак затеяла ремонт ради малыша TV presenter and editor in chief of one of the magazines is doing to her son was happy. Ksenia Sobchak is not yet able to determine the interior design, so turned for help to the subscribers in the microblog.

      A little over a month ago TV host and editor in chief of one of the glossy magazines Ksenia Sobchak for the first time became a mother. Despite the fact that in the past a celebrity is not so warmly about the children, after the birth of the baby, she literally melts in love for him. Now she is doing everything for the sake of her son had only the best. Now a celebrity started a repair, so the boy grew up in an updated setting. Ksenia Sobchak is melting from the love for his firstborn

      “I have not long ago began a period of “active breeding”, namely: infinite visiting websites design, purchasing napkins, plates and weighing of the paintings in the house. And then the repair needed in the apartment to do so my Hobbies have fallen by the way,” wrote Sobchak in the microblog.

      Each statement of Xenia, concerning a child who is not indifferent to any of its subscribers. This time was no exception. The followers came in awe of what Sobchak was so thrilled about his son, and spares no effort in time and money to ensure that her child is comfortable. However, Ksenia can’t decide on interior design, so she called in the aid of his loyal followers to advise her something for the house. “Ksenia, you blossomed after the birth of a son!”, “Just listen to yourself in the interior and listen to your spouse, because you live in your family home! Good for you and your family!” – posted by subscribers.

      Still she is on maternity leave. Despite all the troubles of a young mother, Sobchak suffers from the fact that sitting at home and can’t actively work as accustomed. She is withering from the lack of numerous Affairs, and therefore gladly sent to different social events to spend in the company of friends at least a few hours. Moreover, she recently participated in the filming of his friend Alexander Molochnikova.

      “Never in my life spent so much time at home. And here the law works great Laziness. The more lazy, the harder it is to do something. The more houses, the less where it would be desirable”, – shared his reflections the presenter.