Ksenia Sobchak sold her apartment in Moscow Recently there have been rumors that Ksenia Sobchak lathered for permanent residence in Israel.

Ksenia Sobchak sold her apartment in MoscowAllegedly, she even intends to get a local passport. Recently, the blonde returned to Russia and stated that she was undeservedly accused of betrayal. She is not going anywhere, she is here in Moscow, sitting for herself, fixing the stove, or rather, writing scripts for her new broadcasts.

Ksenia Sobchak sold her apartment in Moscow

Well, as it turned out, under the guise Sobchak is selling property. It became known that on April 4, she sold apartments in the elite district of the capital for 800 million rubles. Despite the fact that an “honest and independent” journalist acquired this apartment only on February 25.

“The apartment has already been sold, along with both parking spaces,” the source said. Sobchak sold her apartment in Moscow” />

Sobchak herself does not comment on what is happening, riveting news after news on her telegram channel. It can be seen that Ksenia does this very selectively, carefully keeping silent about the known facts of the atrocities of the nationalists and doing her best to put Russia in a bad light. Against this background, many wish Bogomolov's wife to get out of the country and never come back. good news if she really dumps”, “Well, finally, leave already, lifted up! It causes nothing but negativity, ”they say on the networks.

Meanwhile, Ksenia complains that for some reason she is not loved anywhere. Neither in Russia nor in Ukraine. Her private messages are littered with insults from representatives of both sides.

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