Ксения Собчак впервые показала беременный живот

Ksenia Sobchak is now in an interesting position, though not confirmed this fact personally.

Instagram account of Kim is regularly updated, however, until now the Xenia has not published any photos which would have shown that she’s pregnant.

On the eve of the situation has changed and the wife of Maxim Vitorgan first showed her growing tummy. Though a very small part of it.

On the page Sobchak posted a picture in the comments which expressed regret about the fact that summer is coming to an end.

Followers of Xenia just a couple of hours put the shot more than 50 thousand “likes” and left a lot of comments, which were noted primarily that the journalist grew Breasts and she was beautiful. Some of the following suggested that Xenia and Maxim’s a boy.

Well, the details of the pregnancy presenter for us remains a mystery.

But the mother Sobchak Lyudmila Narusova easily communicates with journalists on the future replenishment of his daughter and notes that Xenia will exhibit excellent maternal qualities when the light will be her first child.

“With children Maxim Paulina and Daniel Ksenia gets along well. With godchildren, she has two, a boy and a girl, children of her friends, one 12 the other 9, communicates perfectly. But the children from strangers, not close to her, not very seriously. I also have before the baby is born the attitude towards them was very distant. Was not this: “Oh, how wonderful!” That’s when had a daughter, everything changed. I think that Xenia will have the same situation,” said the future grandmother.

According to Lyudmila Narusova, some of the negative statements Sobchak about children, she allowed herself because of fatigue.

“And all of its negative statements about children as “little shits” is first and foremost emotions. When, at three in the morning come home from work, and eight begin to scream behind the wall of kids, and relate to them. The only reason these statements disseminated by. I’m sure Xenia will be a great mom, completely selfless and correct. She has a good emotional memory. She knows and remember the negative and positive aspects of my upbringing. And, I hope, will be able to sort and take from me the best. I do not care, how I will call the grandchildren — even great-grandmother, or even grandfather, anyone, if only they were. To be young I’m not going,” adds Narusova, hoping to see her grandchildren.

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