Ksenia Sobchak said the “nightmares” of maternity leave

Ксения Собчак поделилась «кошмарами» декретного отпуска TV presenter suffers from a surfeit of free time. Ksenia Sobchak again complained to his fans. Fans expressed sympathy for the celebrities and hoped that very soon she will be able to return to normal rhythm of life.

      Famous TV host and editor in chief of glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak used to lead an active lifestyle. She used a lot of time to devote to your work, but also often appear at social events. However, motherhood has radically changed schedule celebrities – now she mostly spends time home with my firstborn. But instead of the happiness of motherhood Sobchak while experiencing boredom and constantly complains about a lack of things to his followers in the microblogging.

      “Never in my life spent so much time at home. And here the law works great Laziness. The more lazy, the harder it is to do something. The more houses, the less where it would be desirable”, – shared his reflections the presenter.

      Some followers of the microblog Sobchak sympathized with her and said that also suffer from the fact that they have to spend a lot of time within four walls. Among them were young moms who don’t know what to do during maternity leave. “Golden words mom”, “I decree. Oh, I understand you”, “Xenia, this is temporary, enjoy this time, baby is a little older and begin again full life,” he hastened to console fans of the TV presenter.

      However, there were those subscribers will, who did not understand as a mother with a newborn child may complain about having free time. However, they take into account the fact that Ksenia is not the only one who watches life in her home. “When there is no nurse and the nurses, especially do not be lazy”, “If anyone of helpers was not – talking about laziness would not have been” the “Law of Laziness triggered, perhaps, those who have a nanny, housekeeper, cook kahrabaa. And the rest not Laziness finds,” suggested followers.

      Despite the fact that now Sobchak is in holiday on care of the child, she still tries not to fall out of the workflow and monitors the situation in the wording remotely. Ksenia glad I can be aware of everything happening from the comfort of home. She also tries whenever possible to attend social activities to gradually return to normal rhythm of life. Ksenia Sobchak made a splash at charity auction