Ksenia Sobchak returns to secular life

Ксения Собчак возвращается к светской жизни A young mother gets used to the role of a mother. However, she does not want to break out of the routine and want to give yourself a little time. In his microblog star published a video with the band “Splin”, noting that it the first week out of the house.

      Ksenia Sobchak, who on 18 November for the first time became a mother a week after birth, shares photos related to family troubles. Despite this, she still is free time to devote to his own interests. Leading does not hide from his followers that he is very tired, and caring for the baby breast deprives her of sleep and a habitual way of life. But celebrity is trying to adapt, making a short appearance. In his account on the social network Xenia released a video from the concert of “spleen”. She did not hide that fondness for the performers and appreciate their work.

      Ksenia Sobchak gave her husband a son

      It should be noted that Sobchak has expressed gratitude to his friends, who helped a young mother to brighten her day off. Despite the fact that the time Xenia was little, she, apparently, was satisfied that she was able to unwind, because the most recent posts stars in Instagram connected with a child. Probably the presenter could not manage to find time for publication.

      “No music “more about me” than him. Like a lot, but “about me” and in sound and mood only. The album “drafts”, for example. And nobody “read” Mayakovsky. In short, best performer, best concert. Thank you my friends for this holiday and these three and a half hours outside the home!” – wrote in his microblog celebrity.

      Many of the subscribers Ksenia was pleasant surprised that she is a fan of the group “spleen”. Followers praised Sobchak, saying that she should go somewhere. In the opinion of the users of the Networks in the first months, new parents are often prone to stress due to poor sleep and lack of free time. Therefore, in their view, it is very important to get out in the light, but not at the expense of the heir. Commentators have noted that it’s not worth leaving the child without supervision of parents, because children, even at an early age to feel their presence.

      Apparently, the presenter determined. She doesn’t want to lag behind their colleagues, and actively publish the pictures in social networks, talks about the latest events in the life of the family. Some members wonder how Xenia could recover. They believe that soon Sobchak will continue to do what you love. Ksenia Sobchak, for the first time about the baby, breastfeeding, and disputes with the husband

      “Ksenia, you’re done! Properly done, it got out. Long ago it was!”, “I don’t know how you do it. Probably already planned a lot of corporate events to take place in December. The main thing that the child grows up in love”, “Love the band “spleen” and you! Didn’t think you were such a fan of rock-n-roll. Right decision to get out in the light”, “don’t listen to anyone. Do not read negative comments. If you have the opportunity to go somewhere, it is best to use it. I understand you, the child a year and a half” – supported Ksenia subscribers in Instagram.