Ksenia Sobchak, Posner: “I find it very hard and sad»

Ксения Собчак у Познера: «Мне бывает очень тяжело и обидно» Famous TV presenter first became a guest author’s program of journalist for the First channel. Ksenia Sobchak has shared with Vladimir Posner about his views on the situation in the country, and also answered some personal questions.
Ксения Собчак у Познера: «Мне бывает очень тяжело и обидно»

TV-host Kseniya Sobchak, who declared about their participation in the presidential elections, became a guest author’s program of Vladimir Pozner on the First channel. The star explained to the journalist why he decided to run, and also shared his opinion on a number of topical issues.

In the Studio she has appeared in blue dress-shirt. Celebrity complements its image of black shoes on a low heel and a red lip.

Ксения Собчак у Познера: «Мне бывает очень тяжело и обидно»“The program “Pozner”, after a long absence we came back. Guest program – Xenia Sobchak, – said the presenter in the beginning of the interview. – Ksenia, I’m glad you’re finally in the program. To represent you is not necessary. According to your data, you are just as well-known as Putin. Apparently, you only like this to Vladimir”.
Ксения Собчак у Познера: «Мне бывает очень тяжело и обидно»

“I hope,” replied Sobchak. The star emphasized that her campaign is transparent. Xenia and her colleagues invited observers and journalists who are engaged in checking the votes. At the moment, Sobchak managed to collect about 120 thousand signatures that exceeds the required minimum for a candidate nominated by the party.

Vladimir Pozner asked his guests to comment on the sex scandal in Hollywood. According to Kseniya, she’s heard that Harvey Weinstein can cross the border in dealing with Actresses.

“I know a lot of people that somehow worked with him. According to them, he really was such a lack of civility, and they witnessed this behavior several times, – said Xenia. – Another issue is that here we have to be careful because these things can be used as a political weapon, and weapon of vengeance. But in this case I side with those women who first declared such a worthy cause. I think they did the right thing, finding the courage to say this after so many years.”
Ксения Собчак у Познера: «Мне бывает очень тяжело и обидно»

Posner asked Sobchak, whether she is sexual harassment. “This is a very personal thing. If you can not answer, I would have refused,” replied star.

According to Kseniya, she came into politics, “the long haul”. Star is not going to move abroad, she intends to remain in Russia to try to influence the situation in the country.

During the conversation with Ksenia Sobchak Vladimir Pozner also asked her some personal questions. According to the presidential candidate, for her there is nothing better than spending a day home with the baby and husband. “What is for you ultimate misfortune? How do you imagine it?”he continued to ask the star journalist. “The illness of loved ones, tragedies that happen in our country and abroad, when you become involved in them”, – said Sobchak.

On the question of whether it pleased his appearance, she replied in the negative. Of all human qualities she most impressed by the kindness. “What do you most dislike in yourself?”said Posner.

Ксения Собчак у Познера: «Мне бывает очень тяжело и обидно»“I guess what I am driven by a sincere desire to do something good and say the right words – he told the guest of the program. But sometimes I make it uncomfortable or people will not understand me. Or look I like for all I care. But it is not. Apparently, I can’t show how deeply I feel things. Maybe I’m close from what is important to me.”

In addition, Sobchak admitted that she is disgusting hypocrisy. Continuing to communicate with Posner, the star said that he considers himself a caring human being. “How would you describe your inner state? Now, at this time,” he turned to Ksenia Vladimir Putin.

“To be honest, I now very hard. And sometimes it is a shame, because I genuinely want to do some things, I think, important for my country. I sincerely wish dad was proud of me. And so when my son grew up he could be proud of their mom – shared Socpac. – I could have a life of show business is to buy beautiful clothes, to have a rest on expensive resorts, believe me, I’d have enough money. I really risked a lot in order to change something. You know, I find it very sad when the people that were my bosses, don’t always understand me. I find a great criticism. Even from those from whom she had not expected, and counted on the support. This is probably the hardest to survive. I want to say: “How so? I am sincerely doing everything”.

Ksenia suggested that it is only through their actions can convince the skeptics. “Being before God, what would you tell him?”this was the last question Posner.

Ксения Собчак у Познера: «Мне бывает очень тяжело и обидно»“First, I’m wondering because I’m different all this represent. I guess I’ll ask the main question. I ask: “Why all this?”– said Sobchak.

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