Ksenia Sobchak Maxim Vitorgan protects from the attacks of the haters

Ксения Собчак ограждает Максима Виторгана от нападок хейтеров Celebrity gave a Frank interview to journalists. Ksenia Sobchak told about their loved ones and possible participation in the presidential elections. According to the women, she considers her husband Maxim Vitorgan modest and self-sufficient person.
Ксения Собчак ограждает Максима Виторгана от нападок хейтеров

TV presenter and editor of the periodical Ksenia Sobchak told reporters about how her life changed after the birth of her son Plato, and presidential ambitions.

According to star, she met her husband Maxim Vitorgan three months before the wedding. Man struck Xenia his view of the world. Sobchak admitted that she liked the reasoning Vitorgan.

Ксения Собчак ограждает Максима Виторгана от нападок хейтеров“So the actors are absolutely not my story, but Maxim is quite different: he is humble and totally self-centered,” added the celebrity.

Leading denied widespread speculation that her husband is her complete opposite. “We grew up in similar families, in one culture,” said Xenia. The couple shared interests, so they often go together to the theater or movies, read books aloud and discuss literature. “And we often argue about her than agree,” says the star.

Xenia admitted that monitors discussions on social networks. If Sobchak sees the negative remarks addressed to the husband, he prefers to stop this kind of talk. According to the leader, Vitorgan also watching similar discussions.

“I washed in social networks comments about Maxim. But only because he read them,” she said.

Reporters also asked Ksenia, do not bother if the difference in income with the chosen one. “You obviously earn more Maxim,” addressed to the star editor in chief of a glossy magazine Masha Fedorova. Celebrity did not argue with this statement. Ksenia said that the Maxim “money does not care.”

“It provides itself, the education of their children, and he would never let me pay for myself at the restaurant. But he had no craving for luxury, sports cars, expensive watch. Well, I’m not going to lie, long lived plant that a man must provide for me and give gifts. Not because I was materialistic but because they thought I was so awesome and it has to be valued. But then I realized that men with big money I’m ambitious, independent, creative – not necessary”, – said Kseniya.

Now, the TV star not only a caring wife, and loving mother. Xenia tries to devote as much time to the charming Plato and reads a lot of literature devoted to education of children. Presenter says he doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the mother. “It is now, for example, is Plato fall, just groans. And this scares the child,” the woman explained.

According to rumors, the celebrity is going to participate in presidential elections. “Ksenia Sobchak, the President is Sergey Shnurov as an artist. Banter. Art project high level”, – says the star. Thus the woman thinks that a career in show business will damage her as a potential candidate.

The rumors about the participation Sobchak in the elections became a sensation in the Network

“I’m just such a person – as a funnel cake. Many different layers, but in the end I’m the one cake. I communicate with different people, I’m interested, I want to know everything, to participate in everything, every second to learn – this is my life,” he told the star.

Recall that behind Xenia – work in the scandalous reality show “Dom-2”. Woman not ashamed of what was once the leading telestroke and does not consider it “inhuman experiment” on people. Celebrity said that the shooting of the program is the same as in real life, so the project has such high ratings. “It is rather a symbiosis between exhibitionists with voyeurs”, – said Sobchak during an interview with Glamour magazine.