Ksenia Sobchak lit at a bachelorette party in Europe

Ксения Собчак зажгла на девичнике в Европе One of the closest friends of the famous TV presenter celebrated the holiday in Italy. With her fun, Ksenia Sobchak, Sergei Shnurov wife Matilda, Polina Kitsenko, Oksana Lavrenteva, Uliana Zeitlin and Maria Adonieva. Apparently, the socialite had a great time.

      Ксения Собчак зажгла на девичнике в Европе

      In late June, blogger and socialite Nika Belotserkovskaya celebrated his 46th birthday. For this reason, she gathered all her best friends — Xenia Sobchak, Matilda Shnurova, Ulyana Tseytlina, Oksana Lavrentyev, Polina Kitsenko and Mary Adonieva. Women went on a trip to Europe and arranged a big bachelorette party in a Sunny and cheerful Italy.

      Apparently, the birthday Belotserkovsky was a success. To congratulate her started in the morning. Ksenia Sobchak not only told her friend nice words, but also made recognition. According to the leader, bila Tserkva — the oldest and most reliable friends. “Longer than you, I know only of parents and Uliana Tseytlina! You’re talented,complex, multi-faceted and very kind man,” said a celebrity in his microblog.

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      Ксения Собчак зажгла на девичнике в Европе

      “Our most important (forgive me Ksenia Sobchak), honey, irrepressible, talented, kind, generous, gratuitous, launching into space and letting go in the deep, fast, sharp, smart, creative, and mathematical, sharp and calm, precise and relaxed. Most importantly — our!..”, such wishes did Nick her other friend Polina Kitsenko.

      Ксения Собчак зажгла на девичнике в Европе

      The birthday of blogger and businesswoman took place in the small picturesque town of Portofino in the Italian province of Genoa. Socialite had a great time, having fun at a local five star hotel. They not only tasted the local delicacies and spoke on the most pressing issues, but also danced and sang favorite songs. This was told to bila Tserkva in social networks.

      “This here is ridiculous tent (we are not ashamed) will sing the chorus of distracting Patriotic verses at the piano. Photos lady Zeitlin, as usual in lush pink skirt. Thank you very much for the congratulations, here IS thank you!” joked nick before the party.
      Ксения Собчак зажгла на девичнике в Европе

      The next day Ksenia Sobchak has shared in his microblog that the party was simply stunning. According to celebrity, it is so well-entertained that they were unable to get out of bed the next morning. Leading even had to skip their traditional sports in the morning, as if it did not persuade Polina Kitsenko. “How can I tell that the evening was good? This is when Polina Kitsenko the first time in a week sent hard from his morning workout,” wrote Sobchak in his Instagram. She also posted a funny video on this topic.

      Video posted by Ksenia Sobchak (xenia_sobchak) Jun 26 2016 at 1:25 PDT

      By the way, a few days ago, Polina Kitsenko and Mary Adonieva was found in Italy with the singer cher and designer Laurie Rodkin. It’s funny that Pauline, Maria, and their other girlfriends call themselves “SlimBitchClub”. “Visiting session of Eastwick witches specially for the delegates SlimBitchClub”. Wonder-witch in any key, — commented on the gatherings with celebrities Kitsenko.

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