Ksenia Sobchak is ready to invest 40 million in the election campaign

Ксения Собчак готова вложить 40 миллионов в предвыборную компанию

After TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, better known project “House 2” has put forward his candidacy for President, presenting himself as “the Candidate against all”. after that, her persona has become one of the most discussed. Sobchak gave an interview to the online publication Meduza, saying that they are ready to invest in his election campaign $ 40 million.

Ксения Собчак готова вложить 40 миллионов в предвыборную компанию

Ksenia said that it is ready to invest in its pre-election maximum of 40 million rubles. “I don’t believe that they will lose,” says Xenia.”I believe that we will gain. Of course, you have to put including your money. How can I convince businessmen, entrepreneurs, people I call to donate money, if I invest in? This is wrong.”

Recently, Sobchak appeared in the Studio, Andrei Malakhov in the program “live”, which, incidentally, missed the whole half-hour. Turns out she didn’t have much desire to go there. “My close friend Andrei Malakhov, somehow dragging me into the Studio live. That then got much on the head.”

At the moment star works with L’officiel magazine. “We have a non-political magazine, it is about fashion. Then I don’t see any conflict of interests. In fashion now green or blue – this is the bloody regime had nothing to do.” says Ksenia.

The girl also told about Maxim Vitorgan and Sergey Kapkova. “The revolution has passed through our lives in the truest sense of the word. My husband and I also met there. Together we flew to the meeting in Astrakhan, and held our meeting. All intertwined as sings in his song Oxxxymiron. So women happen. I am a woman of difficult destiny… I’m the first rally on Bolotnaya generally come with Sergey Kapkova, with whom we then met. And then, when the smell of fried, Sergey just said that he is not willing to go to meetings and I do not advise. But me already was not to stop, because – well, how so? How can you shake? And the rally on Sakharov, where I played, I went alone.” says Ksenia.

Star believes that Vladimir Putin has built an authoritarian system, “which currently deprives people the right of choice, fair trial, freedom of speech”, that Xenia intends to correct. “That’s a big misunderstanding to think that I will vote Ruble. The ruble will be more likely to vote for Putin, because it does not need any changes. They don’t want to just to them with pitchforks, someone came in, because there will not understand who from them Rotenberg, and who is not. Why would I want to touch their secular girlfriends, who are far from politics? I believe that there are a huge number of young people.”