Ksenia Sobchak is melting from the love for his firstborn

Ксения Собчак тает от любви к своему первенцу A young mother celebrates the month of the birth of a son. Ksenia Sobchak thanked everyone who congratulated her on the first important date in the life of the baby. The media personality is incredibly happy that her life has a man who feels for her the most sincere feelings and is always pleased her.

      Exactly a month ago, one of the most famous women of our country, television personality, magazine editor and socialite Ksenia Sobchak became a mother. Star gave her husband Maxim Vitorgan adorable son who became the firstborn of a famous couple. Ksenia Sobchak showed the room of a newborn heir

      The kid changed the lives of their parents. Felt on what was the tone of the microblog Ksenia Sobchak. There were posts dedicated to her senses mom. Telediva thanked fate for the fact that her life had a man who feels for her the most sincere feelings and love her just because she is. Touching insights in the first month of my son’s life Ksenia Sobchak shared with subscribers microblog.

      “Thank you to everyone who congratulated me. Us a month. And most importantly the opening of this month – no matter how hard, no matter how played hormones, as if you haven’t been around, now I have someone who always and unconditionally loves me. And glad to see me. Always. And everything else I can handle. Not the first time,” wrote a young mother.

      The Ksenia Sobchak is in no hurry to disclose the name of the son, and has never published a picture of it. Meanwhile, loyal fans are happy for the star, noting that after becoming a mother, she changed, became softer, which feels in her posts.

      “Xenia! So nice to read such sweet lines! Extremely happy for your happy family life”, “Motherhood you slightly adjusted in the desired direction. Good luck to you too!” “Ksenia, congratulations! Us 3.5 months – it is happiness”, “That’s so sweet, Xenia, and only mom can understand this feeling”, “What you done, how nice it is to watch. With the first month you real happiness”, “How quickly the month flew by! Congratulations, Ksenia, good for you in every sense!”, – congratulations to Ksenia Sobchak for her subscribers.

      Recall, journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak for the first time became a mother on November 18. Maternity leave in the usual sense she was not. She almost from the first days after birth, began to lead an active life. In this short time the young mother had several times to go out. Plus, being a fashion editor of a glossy magazine, it’s already working from home, keeping under control the creative process.