Ksenia Sobchak is experiencing due to the extra weight

Ксения Собчак переживает из-за лишнего веса TV presenter complains that eats a lot. Ksenia Sobchak admits that in the third trimester of pregnancy don’t always eat healthy meals. Star claims that some of the things from her closet stopped her zip up.

      Ksenia Sobchak will become a mother in the middle of this autumn. At the moment the leading is the third trimester of pregnancy. As the star admits the last time she always want to eat something “bad”, a dish that is not on the healthy diet of the expectant mother.

      Star decided to have lunch on Friday in the cafe at a popular beauty centre. Xenia shared with followers a photo in the signature which admitted that a light meal does not able to rectify the situation to gain weight. “Waiting for something dieticheskie delicious that I have still not save”, – has signed a snapshot of the presenter.

      Fans Sobchak believe that during pregnancy she began to look even better, her figure acquired a pleasant rounded shape, and celebrities don’t have to worry about gaining weight. “Pregnancy face”, “You pregnancy goes very direct emit the light,” “Xenia, you look lovely!”, “You look very well in a position as if you just attached the belly”, “Look great and not recovered,” wrote the followers of Xenia.

      During pregnancy Sobchak has discovered a new type of accessories. The brooch is rare for me type decoration. But here was their turn: I am not sure that closure is always possible to slaughter” – said the leader, showing the frame in a new way. On Xenia white jacket, which is decorated with a large “fly”.

      According to witnesses, the star allows herself to eat such dishes, the use of which pregnancy it is prohibited. “Food on it lately, seems more interested in,” said Karina Himkinskaya, the visitor of the event “Breakfast with Xenia Sobchak”. Sobchak tried with us all meals – bruschetta, crostini, carpaccio – it was a huge amount! Ksenia is very nice, educated, considerate. And I would even say… good!”

      Despite the interesting position, anchor continues to play sports. Sobchak walks into the pool, where he makes swims and dives under the supervision of experienced trainer. Also the expectant mother practicing yoga, doing a very extreme poses. Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak every day standing on his head