Ксения Собчак: «Я рожала сама и прокляла все на свете» The presenter revealed details of the birth of our first son born. Ksenia Sobchak admitted that brought unbearable pain during childbirth, but believes that it is worth it. Star warned doctors to those in no case did not agree to do a C-section, even if it will require it from them.

      A little over three months ago, the TV presenter and editor of the fashion glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak became a mother. A celebrity is not like devote fans details his personal life, but because her story about the most intimate and special moment in every woman’s life when the light appears, sounds not only as a sensation. Lyudmila Narusova shocked birth daughter

      Kseniya Sobchak spoke during a live broadcast on Instagram, which she threw back with a fashion show in Milan. Apparently, the young mother was in good spirits and, therefore, with great pleasure answered even to those questions that are usually neglected. Fans asked Ksenia Sobchak on a three-month son and Plato about whether she gave birth or still prefer to avoid pain and had to do a caesarean.

      “Son, I am very pleased. Maxim happy parents, – said Ksenia Sobchak. – Plato already seems pretty tough pretty, and even two days to go on a business trip, it’s very hard. You always want to be around. I gave birth naturally and cursed everything. Pregnancy at me was easy. But very heavy labor. I immediately told the doctors, if I yell, they say, make me a C-section you do not do it. Well, that all is quickly forgotten… I’m glad I did it myself. I read a lot of literature on this subject and realized that it is important for the child to pass through the birth canal of the mother. There is a statistic that says that children who are born themselves are more hardy and stress-resistant. During delivery, the baby feels pain no less than a woman. He increased the pressure, falling pulse. But when he passes through it, it becomes more tenacious. I think this is a very important point. For this you can suffer at once”.

      It is worth noting that after the birth of the son of Ksenia Sobchak quickly returned to an active life, began to attend social events and went back to work, albeit in a sparing mode. The star has made it clear that she won’t be in the first place is a little boy. And according to Sobchak, for of Plato it may cancel all my plans and stay home with the baby. Motherhood Sobchak: the first photo shoot of her son, the nanny and dancing in karaoke till morning