Ksenia Sobchak humiliated his beloved Timothy

Ксения Собчак унизила возлюбленную Тимати Before held MUZ-TV, the rapper appeared at the ceremony with the closest people. He recently came out of a relationship with model Anastasia Reshetova. Host of the event Sobchak decided to make fun of a girl.
Ксения Собчак унизила возлюбленную Тимати

Ksenia Sobchak was one of the presenters of the ceremony “MUZ-TV”. She could not resist and decided to approach one of the most discussed couples of show business.

The Union of rapper Timati and model Anastasia Reshetova discussing for several years. To her, the musician met with another star of Instagram, Alena Shishkova, who bore him a daughter Alice. Former partners have been able to maintain friendly relations, mother Timothy Simon Yakovlevna assumed virtually all responsibilities for the upbringing of their daughter. Fans of the rappers often like to compare his current and former lovers. Most fans believes that Alena Anastasia better. Netizens are wondering what actually is the relationship between all participants of a love story.

Award Timothy came with Reshetovaa. The pair posed for photographers, spoke with reporters and sat in front of the stage. Sobchak decided to approach him. After the first words of a leading audience had burst into wild laughter.

“Look at that woman, you know. I think: “my God! Poor Simon Yakovlevna!” What must she feel?! Grow up boy, kid, small, but with such ceremony will go. Horror”, – said Sobchak in the audience.
Ксения Собчак унизила возлюбленную Тимати

Reshetov said nothing Sobchak. And Timothy’s mom, Simona Ecaterina, laughed from replica leading.

Ksenia Anastasia called “woman”, although she’s only 22 years old. Many netizens noted that the model actually looks older than his years. After the public humiliation Reshetov published in the Instagram post, dedicated to the spiteful critics.

“One of the most useful life skills – is the ability to quickly forget all the bad: not to dwell on troubles, not to live grievances, not to revel in irritation, not to conceal malice. It is not necessary to pull different stuff in his soul,” wrote Reshetova.