Ksenia Sobchak hinted at the birth of twins

Ксения Собчак намекнула на рождение двойни

The first-born Ksenia Sobchak needs to be born soon. Friends the TV presenter and journalist told the press that most likely this will happen to the day of her birth, in early November.

The birth of the baby Xenia and her husband Maxim Vitorgan many expect. Everyone can’t wait to see what Sobchak is the mom, given the negative statements that previously allowed herself a TV star. As well as all interested in the sex of the baby, whom the journalist is under the heart.

Even his mother Lyudmila Narusova, Ksenia did not disclose the secret.

A friend of Sobchak, Svetlana Bondarchuk recently made a post on the social network Instagram, where the most attentive members saw a coded message, they say, Ksenia pregnant with twins.

Now, however, she ex-the scandalous blonde fuels the rumors.

In his microblog the wife of Vitagra published a photo that hints at the possibility of giving birth to her twins.

Ksenia has published in Instagram photo on which poses in a Park near a road sign with a picture of a duck and two ducklings.

“Twins Xenia will be!” “Ksenia, well, herself prophesied, now either the twins or the second one in the near future!!!”, “Xenia, did the twins!!!” commented the subscribers of the star.