Ksenia Sobchak has shared details of a new project

Ксения Собчак поделилась подробностями нового проекта
Famous TV host Ksenia Sobchak and her colleague Anton Krasovsky for several months publishes photos in which they appear in images from different eras.

Ксения Собчак поделилась подробностями нового проекта

It has now turned out that such transformation is part of a new project, which will be broadcast on the TV channel “Friday!”

Ксения Собчак поделилась подробностями нового проекта

“Each of us has thought: and why was I born in a different era? In a beautiful XIX century or in the days of the Roman Empire. One wants to carouse with Pushkin in St. Petersburg, the other to feast from Caligula in Ancient Rome. The TV channel “Friday!” includes a time machine to answer the questions: who and where would be worth living?

During the program we will evaluate, what they ate, how fun, where and with whom slept our great ancestors. Unprecedented test for the horrors and delights of the Golden ages of world history, you can play together with our leading — Ksenia Sobchak and Anton Krasovsky, sounds synopsis the future of the project, whose name is kept secret”, — said Anton Krasovsky.

Now the fans are awaiting the premiere of the new program.

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