Ksenia Sobchak has met the high demands of the rider

Ксения Собчак оправдалась за высокие требования в райдере Presenter explained that trying to eat right while traveling. That is why in the list of prescribed special foods that have to buy the event organizers who invite Sobchak in your city. Xenia claims that nothing extraordinary she never asks.

      Some time ago in the network appeared the rider Ksenia Sobchak. A list of requirements leading has caused mixed reactions from her fans. It was spelled out such details as the color of her dressing table and the room temperature required for a comfortable existence, as well as charging for equipment. In addition, among the items was the cost of meals in the facility where the event is held. According to Kseniya, she prefers healthy food, so a rider was included quinoa, lettuce, and white fish.

      “You have to understand that the rider I have a universal, we sent all our customers in different cities, on a huge number of anniversaries, birthdays. In some cities with names you can hardly pronounce. There is a problem. So Ryder I especially difficult that people have tried and made some effort, in terms of healthy eating. We, as Yuri Antonov, do not order Hennessy XO and some other things. We have no expensive alcohol, we have a complex and healthy food, and we always try, especially when traveling, to make people observe these rules, otherwise you’ll be eating only burgers and fries,” said the celebrity.

      Besides, Sobchak chose white color for dishes, as in this case, you can determine how well it washed. During performances Xenia chooses the red tablet is also one of the requirements of the stars, spelled out in the rider. According to the leader, the organizers often try to save on this item, so buy blue.

      “If you require more, you get at least something. If you don’t require anything, you’ll get, respectively,” – said Ksenia.

      Journalists Womanhit found out that Ryder Sobchak appeared on the Network after it became known that it will become the leading fifteenth “MUZ-TV”. A special surprise aroused public demand leading extra room near the dressing room where there will be a changing table. Probably, she takes the son of Plato at some events, so she need to take care of such nuances.