Ksenia Sobchak has expressed sympathy for Dmitry Shepelev

Ксения Собчак выразила сочувствие Дмитрию Шепелеву A young mother decided to support the presenter and put the cover of his book about Jeanne Friske in your account in Instagram. She noted that the man had created his work in memory of his beloved woman and thus showed the path that they went through together in the struggle for life.

      Ksenia Sobchak has shared with his followers in Instagram a photograph in which the book Dmitry Shepelev “Jeanne”. It went on sale 24 November. Celebrity told what she remembered of the civil wife of the leader, stressing that he has always had a better opinion of her. According to star, she is genuinely worried about how Dmitry to cope with what happened to their family almost a year and a half ago. His post on the social network she decided to support him and prove to the users of the Network the value of the new book.

      Book Dmitry Shepelev “Jeanne”. The first excerpts

      Young mother particularly noted the desire of Dmitry to avoid public communication with the audience. In her opinion, not every person is ready to experience for yourself all that Shepelev. It is unclear when a media person go on about their fans and over-extend your own personal life.

      “Jeanne has always been like away from show business, although it was an integral part. And I have great sympathy for Dima Shepelev. Dima wrote a book about their common fight against a common grief. For myself,for memory,for my son,and for all those with similar trouble faced” , – wrote Ksenia in the microblog.

      His entry on the page in a social network presenter called for a stop to leave negative comments and stop a series of debates around the family of Jeanne Friske. Sobchak understands that many subscribers cannot unravel the true motives that prompted Dmitry to take on this book. Netizens believe that “Joan” is nothing but a PR stunt, frankly, do not give the star a rest, so she decided to put everything in its places for its own account.

      Followers of Xenia has not remained aloof from the question and threw up a discussion in her microblog. Some members came to the conclusion that Sobchak simply is advertising a new operation of the lead, thereby to increase sales of the book. Most commentators agreed with Ksenia, saying that the word celebrity is the best describe the situation. Members even thanked Sobchak that she honored the memory of Jeanne Friske. Dmitry Shepelev responded to the accusations of the haters

      “The first time I agree with Ksenia!”, “Ksenia, I respect You! Very accurate!”, “All right! I do them all the family are treated with great compassion!”, “Ksenia, thank You for such good words! I hope people will think after reading Your post”, “Xenia clever, but as always! All from a small mind write”, – shared his opinion of the subscribers in Instagram.