Ksenia Sobchak has dispelled rumors about the godfather

Ксения Собчак развеяла слухи о крестном отце The TV presenter gave an interview to Yury Dude, in which he shared his future plans and answered some questions of public concern. Not so long ago, Ksenia Sobchak announced participation in the presidential elections.
Ксения Собчак развеяла слухи о крестном отце

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has accepted the proposal of journalist Yury Duda and became a heroine of his own show on the Network. One-hour interview with the TV star appeared on the YouTube channel “wdwd”. The celebrity told the jury about his father Anatoly Sobchak, participation in the scandalous TV project “Dom-2” and the reasons why she decided to run for President in 2018.

The campaign headquarters of Ksenia Sobchak was headed by the husband of Bozena Rynska

For a long time there were rumors that the godfather of Xenia is Vladimir Putin. The star herself has refused to comment on this information. Mother presenter Lyudmila Narusova said that these duties were entrusted to father Gury, and a second mother Xenia was her friend Natasha. During the conversation with the Dude, Sobchak, the first time she has shed light on the speculation of the public.

“I really want to find his godfather. I know that you don’t “Wait for me”, but I really have not talked to him. Maybe the time has come when it should be done. My godfather’s father Gury, he baptized me in the monastery. I also have a godmother, I hang out with her for many years. Her name is Natalia Karetnikova, she lives in St. Petersburg. The wonderful man very close to me. That is, in fact, those two people that I was baptized,” – said Ksenia.
Ксения Собчак развеяла слухи о крестном отце

Yuri Dude noticed that five years ago, the presenter did not comment on speculation about the godfather. The star explained that she was too often asked this question.

“You want an honest answer? Because I say, is a believer, but not very religious. I was baptized when I was 12 years old. Wanted my mother, for her this was an important event, they got married with dad. She really wanted me to be baptized. The father already held a high post in the photos from the christening really is Vladimir Putin with his father. For me personally, this event was not a big point in my life, which I then remember all my life… I don’t go to Church every Sunday, I’m not that kind of person. Honestly, I don’t remember the name of his godfather, mom told me about it many years later,” shared a young woman.

Dude also asked Sobchak to comment on the video frame, they found in the Internet. In the picture you can see two girls, a little Xenia and presumably one of the daughters of Vladimir Putin. TV presenter admitted that he really interacted with the kids of a friend of his father. According to Sobchak, it was a very long time.

Ксения Собчак развеяла слухи о крестном отце“It’s probably some video. I saw it too. Here I am 10. Apparently, this really is one of his daughters. We talked when I was little,” shared the star.