Ксения Собчак решила скрыть от мужа измену
The presenter intends to lie to the Maxim Vitorgan “to the last”.

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan

Photo: xenia_sobchak (Instagram Ksenia Sobchak)

Ksenia Sobchak has always distinguished the courage to start a conversation on topics that other people, at best, only discuss with close friends. Of all the controversial statements, Kim’s probably already possible to collect and release a “collection of quotes from Xenia Sobchak”. Therefore, it is not surprising that on the topic of infidelity in marriage, it has its own special point of view.

Recently she has admitted in an interview that she and her husband have some agreement about adultery. 35-year-old TV presenter and her husband Maxim Vitorgan agreed in the case of fait accompli infidelity never tell me about it its second half.

“First, never to admit to the cheating husband. Conversely, it also taught me that. He says: “If ever anything you tell me, please, never say”. I said, “That?” He said, “Yeah, just don’t tell that lie to the last.” Here I have even an indulgence…” — said Ksenia with Vogue.

Meanwhile, the couple together have a son of Plato, who recently turned seven months. Sobchak said that tends to be for the son to be the example to follow. The main rule of parenting is Plato… work on yourself. “It is not necessary to raise children, it’s still useless. Kids will like you. Educate yourself!” says Sobchak.