Ксения Собчак поругалась со Шнуровым

In network actively disseminated rumors that a strong marriage Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan crumbling before our eyes! Fueled rumors of a recent photo of stars, which the attentive fans found no wedding rings! Immediately after the finding of the singer Sergey Shnurov put in a social network a poem about the stars, which caused another scandal.

Ксения Собчак поругалась со Шнуровым

The poem tells about how the stars put personal life on the show, and then complain that it climb!
“Well, what’s funny celebrities!
Under the spotlight themselves exposed,
All his life, shapes and styles,
Family, then suddenly surprised, with x*I,
Still swarming, Oh, in their space?
Threw out all with the same together,
Do not discuss, gossip hovering vortex.
You in our public life do not meddle.
And posting another photo boldly
With a message from Osho
Subscriber give to understand, — none of your business
Live your life, my good.”

Xenia was very touched by the creative statement of her friend, to which she replied with the beginning of the comments under the photo: “my Friend, “celebrities” just put framework – what is needful and what is not your business). You as anyone familiar with this simple technique”.

But apparently, Sobchak got so angry that could not stand, and published a post! “All those who are waiting kintz “Look, she left without a ring”. In the morning all the “gossips” took place in the hall, to hybrids of all the gossip the dough. I want to say, good and not without much flattery — Come on x*K all! Well, or rather, climb! And will catch you on the road, *bavshego dream Earrings! Dedicated to @shnurovs, Frome bot of may HART! )))”

Recall how tenderly and touchingly, Maxim was a Declaration of love to his wife!
“Want to tell you what I admire about my wife? In addition to intelligence, beauty, sex, hands, feet, eyes, tenderness, devotion, determination, skills, love and friendship, health, courage, turning into despair, the diligence, taste, ability to cook cheesecakes and give birth to incredible children, it is an absolute impossibility to fit it into some of our (mere mortals) ideas about how it should be.” writes Vitorgan.

“Our absurd and doomed (and that’s why our irritation) attempts to fit it into some familiar concept. One way or the other, but at least some that our minds can master. And we demand that it abide and conform. She can’t get enough. It does not fit. She gets on the field, leans against the glass, standing under the boom, coming down the aisle, which is not… all at the same time. And we can only admire and resent. Here each his own,” ended his emotional message to his wife Vitorgan.

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