Ksenia Sobchak got what he deserved

Ксения Собчак получила по заслугам
Ksenia Sobchak at times is forgotten and he allows himself to talk too much about other people, not thinking about the rules of propriety.

Ксения Собчак получила по заслугам

So recently held the MUZ TV awards she came to sitting in the hall the family of Timothy and turned to his mother Simone, saying: “I wouldn’t want around my son when he grows up, there was this.”

Ксения Собчак получила по заслугам

This, of course, was Anastasia Reshetova that surprise only silly smiled. So did Timothy, who apparently was not in time to answer. But Simon, just noticed – So you are in the place of Anastasia.

This was a hundred percent and for that Simone 5 points, but Sobchak need to watch your language and not to pry into other people’s relationships.

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