Ksenia Sobchak gave an interview Malakhov within elections

Ксения Собчак дала интервью Малахову в рамках выборов

Recently Ksenia Sobchak, better known for the reality show “Dom-2” has decided to campaign for the presidency, positioning himself as the candidate “Against all”. Now began her election campaign, in which she would appear in all possible shows and events. The next item in the list of visits was the program “live”, which the TV presenter was late. The star gave an interview where he spoke about his election campaign and about how you destroyed a family Bozena.

Ксения Собчак дала интервью Малахову в рамках выборов

The show “live” really is shot in live, so the delay Ksenia Sobchak was seen by all the guests. While Sobchak was in the way, sitting in the Studio her mother Lyudmila Narusova, member of the Federation Council. The presenter asked Lyudmila, no sooner is her daughter running for the presidency. “Not before, the trip was already enough of both positive and negative experiences”. responsible woman. The woman admitted that most of his life was “the wife of Sobchak”, and then “the mother Sobchak,” so very glad important step of his daughter and is willing to sit with her grandson. In their house frequented by guests, such as Putin and Medvedev, and Kudrin, from-for what Sobchak is not afraid of the great figures.

In the Studio managed to talk about the scandalous video Sobchak and Timati “Dance with me”, which took Rezo Gigineishvili. On the screen showed funny fotozhaby who invented the Internet users about the nomination Sobchak for President. As a leading remembered the image of “blonde in chocolate”, who was leading during the filming of “House-2”. “The image of the glamorous blonde was a source of income. She is doing it because she wanted of life and drive. Then I had to make. Not my daughter’s fault that in show business pay more than the miners,” commented the mother Sobchak.

As we talked about Bozhenov, whose angry tweets with profanity taken out. Malakhov asked: “is Not afraid if the Xenia to destroy the family Bozena?” Sobchak said that even grateful to the journalist, after her tweets she remembered Igor Malashenko and called him to his headquarters.

At the end of the program Directors decided to make Xenia a surprise and invited to the Studio of a pilot, who led the establishment of the angel on the spire of the fortress Petropalovski in 1995. He said that together with mayor Sobchak wrote a message to descendants and put in the time capsule, which was inserted into the spire. To read this letter can only be in 2045.