Ksenia Sobchak, for the first time about the baby, breastfeeding, and disputes with the husband

Ксения Собчак впервые о ребенке, грудном вскармливании и спорах с мужем The presenter revealed details of his interesting position. According to Xenia Sobchak, her husband tried to prove to her that there is nothing wrong in children. The star says that he always wanted to give birth only from the man she loved. Did Maksim Vitorgan, who accepted her for who she is.

      Over a long period of time, the public believes that Ksenia Sobchak hates kids. According to the presenter, she really didn’t like lettet on some flights with screaming babies and never went on vacation with some friends who managed to get offspring. However, after several years of married life with Maxim Vitorgan, everything changed. The path to motherhood: how Ksenia Sobchak is preparing for the lead role

      Despite the fact that Xenia and her husband are not exactly the same views, they both knew that sooner or later will decide to have a baby. When the star found out she was pregnant, she began to cry.

      “Maxim said, “What’s wrong with your eyes? What are you, a mouse, anyway?” And somehow immediately understood. Was a very touching moment,” said the leading.

      According to Kseniya, she always dreamed of having a loved one, because I wanted to experience the joy that a child is more like him than her. Besides, she really likes the children of Maxim, because they are simple and sincere.

      “Already after learning she was pregnant, I decided to clarify some of the circumstances: “Look, Maxim. Here is a normal guy living with some girl a La Xenia Sobchak. Her “little pricks”. Burdened with the offspring of friends, she goes to rest. The birthdays of my friends ‘ kids don’t. In the plane for crying babies relates not very friendly. All of this openly, publicly. And nothing happens…Does the man never occurred to you that the person has some health problems?” – remembers the conversation with her husband Xenia.

      Maxim Vitorgan talks about adding to the family

      She even liked to read criticism about themselves online, where 18-year-old girl advised her to give birth to “the chin’s” or accused of infertility. It amused star.

      “So I asked about it husband. And he said in all seriousness: “Actually, the thought was not.” Me: “Wait, well, can’t be.” He says “I swear I always knew that my children everything will be okay, you just need to calm down to understand that this is a safe space,” – said Sobchak.

      The star admits that she didn’t even know at first how to conceive a baby, and she wasn’t familiar with the terms “breastfeeding” and “cesarean section”. About much told her then girlfriends who already have kids.

      Actor and TV presenter has a children’s room in apartment on Smolensky Boulevard, however, the expectant mother believes that have to live outside the Moscow ring road, as with a stroller clearly uncomfortable walking on the garden ring.

      By the way, she knows exactly how to raise a child. She will try not to scold him and to restrain their emotions, when they overwhelm her. With the baby the woman will help the nanny. She already found a worthy candidate. Despite this, in three months she will take time out from work to be with the heir.

      The presenter will give birth in Russia but says nothing about the clinic. “In humans, there is a link to the place where he was born. Energy relationship”, – said Sobchak in an interview with reporters Tatler.

      Ksenia and Maxim did not report the sex of the baby, as they do not like the excessive media attention to their private lives. To arrange a photo session with the baby star also plans. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan choose a name for a child