Ksenia Sobchak fled from in love with her billionaire

Ксения Собчак сбежала от влюбленного в нее миллиардера TV star decided on a candid conversation with reporters, during which she talked about why came to politics. Among other things, Ksenia Sobchak told about the disrupted the ceremony with a prominent businessman.
Ксения Собчак сбежала от влюбленного в нее миллиардера

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, which recently officially became a presidential candidate, told reporters on his way into politics. The star lot of fans and haters, skeptically evaluating her every move. Ksenia endures the attacks of the spiteful critics, because from childhood accustomed to publicity. Sobchak admits that it was given her very hard.

For the protection of small Xenia answered the former security chief Vladimir Putin, Viktor Zolotov. The successor of Anatoly Sobchak has developed a clever scheme, escapes from slave father.

“I wanted to live my life. Suffered terribly from publicity, from the fact that all me treated like the mayor’s daughter, from security. I did not like. I constantly ran away from home, lived with girlfriends, I searched the entire city. For me it was a terrible trauma that I could not be myself and have my own life. I was the daughter of Sobchak and all the while was associated with him,” said the star reporters.

Colleagues of Anatoly Sobchak often came to his home. Memories of Xenia, once her family was vacationing in Finland together with Vladimir Putin, his wife and heirs. “For some reason daughters remember just then. I myself was a child”, – shared the leading.

Despite the fact that in childhood she had a negative attitude to politics years later she decided to go in this sector, calling it “open Gestalt”. According to Sobchak, need not be afraid to challenge your fears. Gradually the celebrity withdrew from the scandalous image of “blonde in chocolate”.

Talking about what happened in her life in the zero, she remembered foiled the marriage ceremony. In 2005 the star was going to legitimize relations with businessman Alexander Shusterovich, but at the last moment the wedding was canceled. Sobchak admitted to journalists that it is not ready to become a married woman. Despite the fact that she broke up with Alexander, she managed to save an ex-lover a friendly relationship.

“I ran away from her own wedding. I had a high-paying job, but I don’t need it, because there is a billionaire who calls me married (Alexander Shusterovich. – Primas’.). “Why are you shooting all of August, when you have a house in Saint-Tropez. Please, here’s money three times more.” And suddenly I realized that shooting I need. It’s a story about how we can all attain in life. The first three years of stay in Saint-Tropez, a car, a nice life, the plane, and then you realize that they are one and the same” – now says Ksenia.

According to Sobchak, this way of life is quite monotonous and “has no drive”. The star would bore all the time to rotate in a secular society and not to do more than anything else.

“You’re not interested and you’re not interested in women in the neighboring villas. And you’re not interested in talking about the sizes of diamonds. And who slept with whom and whose mistress saw yesterday on someone’s boat. I realized that the best month for the filming in Moscow than in Saint-Tropez in a convertible and shopping,” shares the celebrity.

Xenia also noted that escaped from another life, says the magazine Tatler.