Ksenia Sobchak fears for his psyche in the decree

Ксения Собчак опасается за свою психику в декрете Leading suffers when she had nothing to do. Recently, Xenia has decided for the first time in a long time to turn on the TV. But what he saw did not like the star. So Sobchak has decided to refer to books and appreciate the work of contemporary writers who are now famous.

      Ksenia Sobchak, who became a first-time mother in the night from 17 to 18 November, is now on maternity leave. Leading, known for their diligence and vigor, had to spend much time within the four walls and to babysit their adorable baby. Ksenia responsibly the role of the mother, but sometimes suffers from idleness, because she is not accustomed to sedentary lifestyle.

      “Mom son”: as Ksenia Sobchak will bring the firstborn

      Recently a celebrity for the first time in a long time turned on the TV to entertain. However, seen little inspired Xenia, than the star with her characteristic irony shared in social networks. In this regard, Sobchak decided to start reading modern literature.

      “Stay at home – is downright dangerous for the mental health occupation. Turned on the TV. The facilitator is the trial of a woman to put her on a stake. I’m going to read Pelevin purchased new or Laurel Vodolazkin, perhaps,” – said Ksenia in one of his social networks.

      Note that these weekend star spent enjoying the creativity of the group “spleen”. In his microblog Ksenia admitted that the first week out of the house. Leading and her husband went to visit friends who organized a concert of Alexander Vasiliev and his companions. Star performances of music held in the chamber atmosphere. The guests of the event received a lot of unforgettable emotions.

      By the way, apparently, miss Xenia will not last long. Star is not going to stay long on maternity leave and intends to return to work in December. Concert Director celebrity Tabriz Shahidi told “StarHit” that Sobchak will be leading several events, however, the New year she will spend with his beloved family.

      Ksenia Sobchak released from the decree for 25 thousand Euro

      Recall that Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan continue to hide the name of his son. Recently in mass media there was information that the celebrity couple named the baby Plato. “StarHit” contacted friends of the stars, but they questioned these reports. Insiders believe that, quickly spread the news – another joke of Ksenia and Maxim. Previously Vitorgan told reporters that his girlfriend gave birth to a son Anton, as well as making posts on social networks that talked about her daughter Anna.