Ксения Собчак занимается йогой для беременных
TV presenter every day pays for two hours of complex training.

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: Instagram Ksenia sobchakxenia_sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak has always been considered one of the sports
girls in Russian show business. She regularly goes in for sports, yoga, active
participates in marathons and promote a healthy lifestyle. Even pregnancy
did not violate their way of life
presenter. As at the second month of pregnancy, Sobchak participated in
charity race Running hearts, and now, in the seventh month, Ksenia safely
stood up on his head. The media personality published a photo in which she
standing on his head. “Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory. Just an hour and a half each
day — and your life efficiently, and ,hopefully, quantify the changes, says
Sobchak. — Now to work harder than
usually, but I remember the main slogan is not to deflate”.

By The Way, Ksenia
Sobchak is quite active for his “interesting situation”. She continues to engage in creative and business projects and attending social events.

For example, the other day the TV presenter and her husband Maxim Vitorgan became the guests of the premiere
the film “Duelist”. “This is a great film. Very ambitious and with great taste
done, — said Xenia after viewing. — Usually in Russian costume ribbons
always something seems to me absurd, inadequate. This is not the case. Well Mashkov
with Fedorov (Peter Fedorov — artist main role — approx.
7days.ru) lovely, of course. Verdict: go for sure!”