Ксения Собчак прокляла Кристину Асмус, а Гарик Халамов встал на защиту своей жены

Ксения Собчак прокляла Кристину Асмус, а Гарик Халамов встал на защиту своей жены

Last week the long-awaited premiere of the film Text, in which the main role was played by the Russian actress Christina Asmus, wife of the famous comedian Garik Kharlamov. From that moment on there and discussing the Frank sex scenes, which were attended by the actress.

Fans split into two camps: some condemn Christina for such explicit scenes, after all, she’s completely naked, the second admire her as an actress for a very compelling game. By the way, all the bed scenes were filmed on a mobile phone, the operator was made by a colleague Asmus actor Ivan Jankowski.

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak decided not to stand aside and expressed my opinion on this TV show on YouTube “Beware Sobchak!”. In this broadcast, the invited guest was Alexander Petrov, and he admired the film, saying that in Russia no one so most likely not make films.

Ксения Собчак прокляла Кристину Асмус, а Гарик Халамов встал на защиту своей жены

A day after Sobchak has uploaded a video on YouTube, the presenter wrote an angry post on Instagram. It turns out that her video was banned due to the fact that it contained scenes sex scenes Asmus of “Text”. Xenia admitted that her shows are always popular, and waking up in the morning, she went online and found thousands of comments under her videos and millions of views.

“Suffered because of someone else’s sex. Precisely because of the naked Boobs of Kristina Asmus. Recorded with Alexander Petrov interview, talked about many things. Including about the fact that the film is “Text” I liked how openly filmed the sex scenes… damn you, Christina, with her big Tits” angrily wrote leading.

Of course, Asmus did not say anything, and after a while, under the post on the page Sobchak came the answer from the actress. She said that in an interview leading looked great and curse her in return.

By the way, all this week, questions and accusations flooded with not only Christine, but of her husband Garik Kharlamov. He endured and did not comment on what is happening, but yesterday broke down and was given a huge text on his page in Instagram.

“It’s a MOVIE! In “Text” not my wife, where the story is all about other people. What I think about my wife? I’m proud of her! It is very steep and difficult acting challenge, and it was performed brilliantly!” a small part of his text. Well, the end of his speech yesterday in comic form appealed to the producers, actors and writers of the film Text, he promised to kill them all.

The film Text was based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky and its premiere in cinemas on 24 October 2019.

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