Ksenia Sobchak compared with Bozena Rynska

Ксению Собчак сравнили с Боженой Рынска The presenter takes part in an unusual project. Ksenia Sobchak shows followers in Instagram photos taken during the preparation of the tape. Apparently, the viewer will see a retro picture.
Ксению Собчак сравнили с Боженой Рынска

Recently Ksenia Sobchak began to publikovat in the microblog hotshots, which has been kept secret. Fans of the popular blonde was surprised to see an idol in an unusual for her retro image. The film, which starred a celebrity appears on the TV channel “Friday”.

Interestingly, many did not expect to see as a partner Sobchak picture of TV presenter Anton Krasovsky. In one scene, the man needed to drive the wheel of a retro “Moskvich” in the capital. The journalist later told on Instagram that it was not an easy task, because this car is easy to stall. Their experiences shared and Xenia.

“And here we are on a steep wheelbarrow and Anton believes that in these clothes and with this hair, I just like Bozena of Rynska. And he looks like a young diplomat,” says the star.

It is worth noting that the young mother had to try on several roles. The blonde already posted the pictures, which appeared in the form of hipsters and Russian ladies.

By the way, in the latter she starred for the joint scenes with the scandalously famous actor Alexey Panin. Heralding the indignant comments of users of social network, Sobchak ironically signed post: “Panin… Dog… No, my friends, porn is not! I just looked in the eve of the revolution of the 17th year. A revolutionary lady” – shared the actress.

Despite the fact that the picture is shot in the capital, the location, the organizers choose also from a historical design. Set at ENEA with views of “Gastronome №1”, and club “Dacha na pokrovke” and the restaurant “Moscow kukhmisterskaya” – these and some other places will soon appear in the film. Carefully chosen decorations help to immerse the viewer in the times of the last century. It was then that occurred the steps in the new film.

The filming process was very time-consuming. But Xenia is trying to combine this project with management of large-scale events, and also to devote time to family and friends. Recently a young mother together with her husband Maxim Vitorgan visited Sochi on the 28-th festival “Kinotavr”. The pair took with him and his son, with whom having fun on walks nearby.

“Plato Maksimovich, though already a seasoned traveler, but the first sea and wash the feet still in Russia, in Sochi… our favorite hotel, the only one here, which has its own private, peaceful beach”, – said Sobchak.