Ksenia Sobchak calmed by the beach with my son

Ксения Собчак умилила пляжным снимком с сыном The TV presenter has shared a touching photo of a baby that is resting together with her and her famous father in Sochi. Celebrity couple prefers quiet beaches where you can escape from prying eyes. According to Xenia Sobchak, recently charming, Plato first went to sea water.

Presenter and chief editor of the periodical Ksenia Sobchak is now in Sochi, where the 28-th festival “Kinotavr”. The celebrity went to the resort town with her husband Maxim Vitorgan and charming Plato, which came to light in November last year. Celebrity couple having a good time, having fun at social events and sunbathing on the beach.

Recently she shared a photo taken during a vacation. The picture shows the adorable baby Sobchak and Vitorgan.

“Plato Maksimovich, though already a seasoned traveler, but the first sea and wash the feet still in Russia, in Sochi… our favorite hotel, the only one here, which has its own private, peaceful beach”, – said Kseniya.

Publication Sobchak caused heated discussions in Instagram. Many have found that the son of the famous leading very rapidly. They wished to Plato and his parents happiness and health. “Beauty”, “Lovely stay”, “so big”, “Bogatyr”, “Patience you”, “Business guy,” “Touching photos”, “Little traveler”, “Pretty”, “Lovely”, commented the subscribers Ksenia Sobchak.

We will add that on the eve of leading organized the after party of the screening of “Myths” Alexander Molochnikova. The event was attended by many celebrities including Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk, Victoria Isakova, Ekaterina Klimova, ravshana Kurkova, Natalia Ionova, Katherine Spitz, Roman Abramovich and other VIP festival guests.

Bondarchuk and Andreev bestowed with diamonds

Faces from glossy magazines, which she heads, she presented the award for best actress “Kinotavr”. The honorary prize went to Paulina Andreeva. “Her beauty on the cover of shaded film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, which in may celebrated its jubilee. However, we are mindful of the anniversary, I love you very much, congratulations and I want you to make a small gift,” said Sobchak, then handed the worker cinema diamond bracelet famous brand.

Recall also that the famous TV presenter arrived in Sochi immediately after the ceremony the channel MUZ-TV, which took place in the capital SK “Olympic”. Flight Sobchak and Vitorgan was delayed for an hour, and on arrival they were met by a black Mercedes. The stars were dressed in comfortable clothes in sporty style. According to eyewitnesses, the husband of TV stars wore on the hands of a small Plato, trying to stay away from the flashes of cameras. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan arrived in Sochi with his son. PHOTO